Artistic Trajectory

I have a long-term interest in developing drawing skills that reflect Cubism, Fauvism, Expressionism, and other currents of 20th century art. At present, I am exploring a series of coloured line drawings, featuring bold, brightly coloured lines. At first sight, viewers may be subject to the illusion that my artwork is a painting. I have practised drawing with various materials for many years; in particular studying classical techniques and methods of drawing.In this sense, my work is informed by my curiosity about the work of artists of past ages. In the image ,which reflects my combined experience in printmaking and drawing,people experience a degree of abstraction . Lines are central to the purpose of my artwork.  I create colored spaces as a first step, although the colored spaces appear with lines. After applying several layers, I employ lines as highlights. As a result lively colours and distinct, bold lines  predominate in my artwork. The bold, coloured lines emphasise the coloured spaces.  In general, I avoid disconnecting the lines, to avoid them losing their possible connecting power. Some lines come into play softly or delicately.  One line has powerful energy.  However long a line is, as far as possible, I try to maintain its oneness. So to illustrate my interest in colour I employ the lines to allow the spaces to be revealed.


Post Abstract Expressionism ; 'The Blue Rider' Meets ' Abstract Expressionism' ( Metro Paris 2016 Series) 

Abstract Expressionism became vibrantly popular in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s. The artists many recognise from this field are Agnes Martin, Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollack, Helen Frankenthaler etc. 
Through research and studies, I perceived the roots of this once popular art style as one that inherited its roots from the history of European Art that has been continued and preserved throughout centuries. With this discovery, I studied and pondered over combining Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, The Blue Rider, and Expressionism with the subjects I have chosen from the current society I live in. 

Of course, in the midst of that, the most important of all was finding the uniqueness that only I possessed. 
After pondering and painting for a long time, I learned that despite The Blue Rider influenced modern arts greatly, the number of paintings from that time existing today is noticeably small. Thus, I made an effort to combine my art with the field that inherited the Blue Rider: Abstract Expressionism. 
Metro Paris 2016 series is undeniably the series that is composed with all of the studies I have done till now. 
The freedom of expression in Abstract Expressionism made it fully sufficient to express the space with time flow and human movement that I had previously dealt with in The Line Abstract Series. Furthermore, The Lives of Others series, a series portraying the images of people from various cities, helped me develop a technique to reveal space and emotion within the freedom of colours adding onto the concept of The Blue Rider.


“The Lives of Others”

“The Lives of Others”, a series that began in 2011, depicts commuters in the cities of London, Paris, and New York. The drawings are largely informed by my fascination with the intersection of city-dwellers and their mode of transport ; I believe that the lives of modern people are well illustrated in their daily commutes. In order to convey this notion, I began observing people with the sense that despite living different lives, people occupying the same point of time in history, while sharing experiences and emotions, made them more similar than different. In a sense, the subway was the great equaliser. 

Standing amongst hundreds of people in a London tube, my journey began. While casually trying to assess whether an individual was a tourist, I studied facial expressions, and began noticing the raw emotions each person possessed. This exercise was carried into New York and Paris, both cities with many tourists. As I traveled the three cities, I illustrated the everyday lives of people I chanced upon, including their wide range of emotions. Thus, “The Lives of Others” became a product of my attempt to express the emotions, feelings, and lives of people, using a variety of colours and lines to highlight the uniqueness of each country.

In regards to the technique of this series, I have investigated the method of creating space through the diverse characters of coloured lines. This is because I did not want to restrict colours by having superfluous lines, which makes it difficult to focus on the painting itself. I developed a technique of filling in the images with colour, then drawing the lines over the colours to make the paintings vivid and powerful. This ultimately allowed me to maintain a harmonious balance between lines and colours, no matter how they are matched or combined.


"Line Abstract : Time, Space and Human"

I have always been concerned about expressing time, space and humanssimultaneously, such as expressing the flowing of time in the space we live in with lines, color and light. With the supposition that everything exists through vibration (this vibration can also be called sound), it can be said that without light, existence is not revealed. In other words, all existence is in darkness without light. Existence therefore is revealed according to the intensity of time and light through the visible flow of light. But if there is no living being, then there is also no meaning in the flow of time or space. This is because if there is no movement, there a state of “nothingness.” Therefore, I strove to express humans and the time and space where humans live in fully—their existence which cannot be revealed without light—unto a plane. Although many architectural structures in which historically people lived in were influential to me, more than anything else the discovery of " Expressionism" and " The Blue Rider" concepts was a great help and lesson to me, a new assignment for even more development. Line Abstract was the answer to the assignment what I found. 


" The New Scenery" 

新 山 水 画

Post Abstract Expressionism Landscape

:בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Living as an artist, I always considered finding the subject for my art from the closest place, than afar, is thus giving life to art. When painting nature, it was evident that as a person who grew up seeing towering building, I could not fully appreciate the beauty of nature. Because of that reason and since I myself am a human, I chose to make people my main subject.

 I was born in Korea, studied art in New York, lived with Africans in Africa, exhibited in London and also lived in Paris. As I moved from one city to another, I felt as if painting the people living in each place was like painting myself as someone who lives in the same space and time. Like that, as "The Lives of Others" series was being completed, I decided to express the creation of nature, that initially seemed impossible to be fully taken in with the naked eye, with the nature's vibration shared with human breath. Although the initial design of when the world was created cannot be seen anywhere, I started this subject with the idea that nature without human breath and human breath without nature's vibration would be completely dull and dry. Thus, it is considered that the destiny of human breath, derived from nature, is to be able to feel the nature's vibration. Therefore, I painted the "The New Scenery" series with emphasis on sceneries created by the vibrations of nature as well as sceneries in the making rather than an already completed scenery. "The New Scenery" was created with efforts to show the movement of nature that cannot be seen directly up close nor identified with the eye. 

 For a long time, I researched about The Blue Rider concept, which has been a foundation for Expressionism, and America's Abstract Expressionism. As we now live in a world where European art and American art are not divided, as a modern artist, I have named the concept that needs to be found and created as Post Abstract Expressionism. "The New Scenery" painted with the concept of Post Abstract Expressionism Landscape is the result of long periods of research and despite the concept being created after researching Western art history, the subject is the artist's identity to reveal life as an Asian artist.

 Expressing the harmony of time, space, and humans is the most important purpose of my art. Nature's vibration signify time, the creation of nature signify space, and the perspective that the nature is being seen signify humans. Thus, an important factor of "The New Scenery" is revealing how human breath and nature's vibration live, breathe and move together in harmony.

  Fancy Free

A “Pieces of …” (2018)

The same way pieces of a puzzle must be pieced together, we humans always live pursuing something in our lives. 

It is like going on a very long journey or like frantically searching everywhere for a lost piece of a puzzle.

Even if it is a life that seems complete or even if it is missing a piece, or even if one gives up putting the pieces together, it is the same. We still encounter the same beginning and end. 

I first used clay to make a puzzle and then made clay figures. And above each piece of puzzle, I used the figures to express the ephemerality of life .

Life is like ice cream: melting and disappearing with time. As I watched my father getting diagnosed with lung cancer and estimating the day of his own death, I began to feel that life is melting and disappearing. However, I do not take in this ephemeral life with only sadness and grief.

Being born into this earth and as I live day by day, I know that my life is melting and disappearing. But despite that fact, I also know that this is also flowing to another place and is providing for something else there.  

My father gave me life. As I grew up, he provided abundatly and generously. And through these provisions, he shared a part of himself with me. Not only because one has a child but even without, one eventually shares, even willingly, one's life with another. 

Thus, I did not want to express the ephemerality of life with darkness. Instead, I expressed this with bright and cheerful colors. 

With beauty also lies sadness. Our disappearing  lives come to me as both a beautiful and bittersweet element.

Obsessing over individual pieces of our lives is futile. After all, life is one big puzzle board for everyone.